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1.1. Entries are invited in Projected Digital Images (PDI), Monochrome Prints and Colour Prints. NB A & B grades to be judged together in the same section. B Grade Honour and Merit certificates will also be awarded to the highest scoring B Grade images in each section.

1.2. Awards (subject to confirmation) will be given as follows:-

Projected Digital Images

  • Top Open
  • Top People
  • Top Nature (Carl Mutton Award)
  • Top Pattern, Texture & Architecture
  • Top Creative (Tom Engelke Memorial Award)
  • Top Club Activities (John Hodgson Trophy)


  • Top Mono Print Open  
  • Top Mono/Colour Print People
  • Top Mono/Colour Print Pattern, Texture & Architecture
  • Top Colour Print Open
  • Top Mono/Colour Print Landscape/Seascape (Ron Nicholson Trophy)
  • Top Mono/Colour Print Nature

Merits will be awarded in all sections at the Judges discretion.

1.3. Judges will be advised to mark entries out of category accordingly.

1.4. All entries must have been photographed by the entrant. Photographs of pictorial art of third persons except as part of the general scene will not be accepted.

1.5. Images in monthly aggregate competitions are considered separately from the Annual Exhibition.

1.6. In any year, the same or similar image, regardless of title, may not be entered in more than one section or media. If an image receives an acceptance in an Annual, it is excluded from any future annuals, irrespective of section or media.

1.7. The Committee reserves the right to accept or reject any PDI or Print submitted. Prints and PDI will be displayed at the Committee’s discretion.  

1.8.   Every care will be taken of all exhibits. The Committee shall not be responsible for any loss or damage of entries. All entries must be submitted in packaging bearing the entrant’s name.

1.9.   To qualify for entry to the Annual Exhibition a member is required to enter a minimum of two monthly competitions during the year. This condition can be waived for any member joining after the 1st September.

1.10. Up to four entries may be submitted in each electronic section and three images in each print section.

Each Image must be given a unique title.

1.11. Entries for the Club Activity Section must have been taken during 2013 at a club outing or activity.



  • Images may be of any subject or any style of photograph


  • An Image of a person or people covering a very wide range eg, Crowd scenes/ Candid shots/Head & Shoulder or full length portraits or a Child study etc.


  • An image depicting untamed animals and uncultivated plants in a natural habitat, geology and phenomena not produced by man. Any manipulation of the original image is limited to minor retouching of blemishes and must not alter the content of the original scene.

Pattern, Texture &Architecture

  • Patterns. An arrangement of Subjects, Shapes or Colours etc. which are Interesting or aesthetically pleasing to the eye.
  • Textures.  An image which highlights the surface texture to its best advantage, either by Colour or Lighting effects.
  •  Architecture.  An image of Buildings, Structures, (ancient or modern, interior or exterior) in its environment or part thereof.

Landscape / Seascape

  • An image featuring the natural scenery of the terrain, sea or waves. Coastal features or the shoreline may be included. Buildings, people or animals may be included as well but must not dominate the image.


  • Photographs display a novel effect because of an unusual combination of objects and/or unusual viewpoint. Images which have been modified during or after exposure by using an experimental technique are also eligible. The photograph must always have a basic photographic image. Digital manipulation processes may be employed providing the original photograph was exposed by the entrant.


NOTE! As we will be using the latest Web Site DROP BOX to submit both the PDI and Print entries this year there will be a CHANGE to the numbering system to be used;

The change is as follows; Instead of “Section number DOT Image number” it is now “Section number UNDER SCORE Image number” Note the Entry forms have been revised accordingly.

  • PDI Images MUST be submitted via the Web site Drop Box on the programme page of our website.
  • Full details are under the “how to” link on the website. PDI entries are limited to four in each section.
  •  For the annual exhibition, they are to be labeled as follows: (section and number)_(1st 3 letters surname,
  • 1st 3 letters given name)_title. For example, 3_4_citjoh_nesting_heron would be John Citizen’s 4th entry in nature.
  • Entries by any other means will not be accepted.
  • As a backup, a printed copy of the entry form on the website should be completed, printed and brought to the club by the closing date.


  • Image sizes are no greater than 1024 pixels wide by 768 pixels high when viewed in the correct orientation.
  • File format shall be RGB JPEG for IBM PC, with a maximum file size of 1,000 KB.
  • Images will be viewed on a projector operating in sRGB colour space and should preferably be submitted tagged with an sRGB IEC61966-2.1 colour profile or otherwise un-tagged.


  • The entrant’s name, title and number according to the entry form (e.g. 8_2) must appear on the back of each print. Where the orientation may be confusing, an arrow shall indicate the top of the print.  Print sections are limited to a total of three.
  • In addition to entering your PDI image information via the Club’s Web Site we require the PRINT Details to be also entered Via the web site Drop Box Print Section on the programme page, as you do for the Monthly Competitions. NOTE using the new numbering system.
  • This allows judging to be entered automatically into the new software.   As a backup, the print entry form from the website should be completed, printed and brought to the club with your prints.
  • Trade or home processed prints are acceptable. Prints must be mounted, as facilities do not allow the hanging of unmated prints. The following size limits apply:-
  • Colour and Monochrome: Maximum image size 42 x 31 cm or 1302 cm2 in area.
  • Mount size not to exceed 52 x 41 cm or 2132 cm2 in area.
  • Panoramic images complying with maximum area requirements are acceptable.


Brighton (c) Michael Boundy

Brighton (c) Michael Boundy

Eureka (c) Michael Boundy

Eureka (c) Michael Boundy

Hobbyists (c) Michael Boundy

Hobbyists (c) Michael Boundy