Competition Information

New York (c) Paul O'Leary

New York (c) Paul O'Leary

Only financial members may enter competitions. Members must exhibit their own work. Each image must have the author's name, and a unique title. The same or similar image may not be entered in more than one media on the same competition night. An image may only be entered twice in competition. If an image receives an Honour (top) or Merit it is excluded from any further monthly competitions irrespective of section or media.

Set Subjects: A judge may reject entries as "out of category".

Projected Digital Images (PDI)

PDI entries should be submitted in accordance with these specifications.

  • A maximum of 3 images per competition,

  • Pixel size not greater than 1920 wide nor 1200 pixels high

  • File size less than 2,000 KB,

  • sRGB colour space,

  • JPEG file format.

  • There are no requirements for file naming.

Entry can only be via the web uploader accessed via the link on the Calendar page. Web upload shuts off at 11:59 pm on the Sunday before the following Tuesday competition. 

Prints and Mounts

Three author or commercially printed images may be entered per competition. No minimum size. Maximum 42 x 31 cm or 1302 cm2. Mount size may not exceed 52 x 41 cm or 2132 cm2. Panoramic images are acceptable within these dimensions.

Point Scoring System

The judge awards points out of ten for each image. These points will be recorded in the annual aggregates. In recognition of achievement A score of 10 will receive an Honour certificate. A score of 9 will receive a Merit certificate.

Please Note

As a courtesy to the volunteer judges, lecturers, members and visitors, all meetings will start at 8 pm sharp. The doors are opened by 7.30 pm and competition entries must be received no later than 7.45 pm. We ask members and visitors to refrain from making comments during the judging as it is very distracting.

To qualify for entry in the annual exhibition, two competitions must have been entered during the year, unless joining after September.

Membership grades

Except in the case of a new member being very experienced all new members commence in B grade. The purpose of two grades is to ensure less experienced photographers participate in an environment that is not overwhelming.