Well depending on where you were it was a wet/dry/cloudy but sunny day when too few of us ventured down to the Port for a visit to the Planes, Trains and Watermobiles museums (except we ran out of time for the last one!).

Arriving with a few minutes to spare before the 12.30 start meant there were three of only there! Not good; where was the rest of the club? - Well a couple were overseas but where were the rest?

Shortly after; the usual suspects started to roll in  and Robert Dettman (aka The Prez) and Teresa Karas were there to welcome Ross Pollock, Bill Versteegh, Aldo Trissi and Corliss Gustaffson from the club and Mark ? a potential new member who came along.to see what the fuss was all about.

First stop was the Aviation museum, which now houses a magnificent F111 along with rockets from Woomera and other items of Australian aviation history all crowded into one large shed. Cameras were out