Visitors are always welcome to come to our meetings to see if what we do fits with what they are looking for. The format of most meetings is a competiton which will be either prints or projected digital images (PDI) followed by an informative presentation. The CALENDAR page has detailed information about the year's activities. 

About ESCC

Please download and read the "About ESCC" document which has detailed information about the club and its activities. For additional information please contact the secretary or click on the email address, both can be found in the footer of any page.

Membership Application Form

A membership application form can be downloaded here, and brought to a club meeting, or completed and emailed to the secretary. 

Annual subscription fees are:
Full member: $90.00
Junior member: $30.00
Associate non-competing member: $30.00 


We have a mentoring system where new members can, on request, be allocated an experienced member to assist them with any aspect of their photography. Whenever possible the mentor will have the same camera system as that of the new member.

Our meeting place

Gartrell Church Hall, corner Alexandra Avenue and Prescott Terrace, Rose Park.

We meet in the building on the corner adjacent the church. Parking is available off-road on the tennis courts off Prescott Terrace.


Management Committee

A committee of experienced members manages the club’s activities. Any questions can be directed to the President using the email address below.

President: Ross Pollock
Vice-President: Robert Dettman AFIAP AAPS SAPS
Secretary: Ross Pollock
Treasurer: Teresa Karas
Program Coordinator: Aldo Trissi
Immediate Past President: Barbara Seidel
Social activities: Barbara Seidel
Sue Hickey: Competition coordinators
Paul O'Leary: Technology (ex officio)
Don Brooks AAPS
Chris Trowbridge

Banner image © John Hodgson “Pattern Texture and Architecture”

Aldo Trissi © Ostrich Watching


Post-nominals, otherwise known as the letters after a name, indicate that within the amateur photographic community the individual holds a photographic honour (or honours).

To receive an honour an individual must achieve a certain level of accomplishment by entering national and international exhibitions. In Australia the Australian Photographic Society manages this process and issues the honours. There are two categories of honours, Skill (as in photographic skill) and Service (as in service to amateur photography).

One must be a member of the APS to claim photographic honours.

Skill Honours issued by the APS in ascending order are:
Licentiate (LAPS and AV-LAPS where AV refers to Audio Visual)
Associate (AAPS and AV-AAPS)
Fellow (FAPS and AV-FAPS)
Master (MAPS and AV-MAPS)
Grand Master (GMAPS)
APS Exhibitor's Medal (APSEM)

Service Honours issued by the APS in ascending order are:
Service to APS (SAPS)
State Service to Photography (SSAPS)
Exceptional Service (ESAPS)
Honorary Fellowship (Hon FAPS)

There are other award systems

FIAP Distinctions are commonly seen. The International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP) is an international organisation based in France which affiliates as operational members, the national associations of amateur photography world wide.

FIAP counts more than 85 national associations in the five continents and represents the benefits of nearly one million individual photographers. The Australian Photographic Society (APS) is a member of FIAP and as such, manages applications for FIAP Distinctions from its members. 

You can read more about Honours and Distinctions by clicking on this link.