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Photographic organisations

There is a hierarchy of amateur photography enthusiast organisations, from clubs to state organisation to national and international. You might like to see what they offer. Click the blue text to be redirected to the organisation's website.

Australia Photographic Society
South Australian Photographic Federation 

Photography, the law and you

The Arts Law Centre of Australia once had a guide to legal issues faced by photographers but it has been taken down. However their website does have information on privacy and image rights, copyright and moral rights, as well as numerous other topics we hope you never have to deal with.

The Centre for Contemporary Photography in Fitzroy Victoria have a comprehensive guide here but be aware it relates to Victorian law.

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Possibly useful

Australian Photographic Society Links page has useful information
Adobe Bridge tutorials
Adobe Photoshop tutorials
Adobe Photoshop CC tutorials
Adobe Photoshop Elements tutorials
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC, or Classic tutorials
dpreview for hardware news and reviews
Cambridge in Colour is for those who want the nitty-gritty about how and why.
Ian Lyons provides in-depth articles at Computer Darkroom
Founded by the late Michael Reichman, The Luminous Landscape is a voluminous resource for all things photographic. Subscribe for $1 per month.

steam punk portrait © John Hodgson

steam punk portrait © John Hodgson