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Photographic organisations

There is a hierarchy of amateur photography organisations, from clubs to state to international and international. You might like to see what they offer. Click the blue text to be redirected to the organisation's website.

Australia Photographic Society
South Australian Photographic Federation 
The International Association of Photographic Art

Photography the law and you

Street and Candid Photography

The Arts Law Centre of Australia website has a comprehensive information sheet on street photographer’s rights. Anyone who takes photos in a public place should peruse this article. Information sheets are free but other information/ services have a charge. Costs vary from $0 to $100s.

This article written by an Australian solicitor from a photographer’s perspective is also a good resource. He states that itprovides a view of the law relative to NSW, however, many of the references apply to Australia generally.


The Australian Copyright Council is a good resource for understanding your rights. This link takes you directly to the copyright information as it relates to photographers. You might want to browse elsewhere on the site.

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steam punk portrait © John Hodgson

steam punk portrait © John Hodgson