Monthly Competitions

Monthly competitions have two divisions, A Grade and B Grade. All new members start in B Grade but there may be exceptions if an accomplished photographer of known reputation joins us from another club. At the end of each year the committee decides which B Graders, if any, will be asked to join A Grade. The individuals concerned can elect to stay in B Grade if they prefer. Both grades are judged on the same night.

People applying for membership must have their membership application approved by the Management Committee (which meets at the end of each month) before they are able to compete. We apologise for any inconvenience if you are eager to show your work!


Upcoming club meetings, activities and competition information is listed in the Calendar.

Monthly Competition rules

  • Only full financial members may enter competitions. This excludes associate members.

  • Members must be the copyright holder of images that they exhibit.

  • Image manipulation is not permitted in nature, photojournalism or travel photography categories.

  • A maximum of three images can be shown.

  • Trade or home processed prints are both acceptable.

  • Image titles must be unique. Once titled an image must retain that title regardless of any future editing including cropping or conversion to black and white. 

  • Each print must be labelled on the back with the author's name, and a unique title. Where the orientation may be confusing, use an arrow (↑) to indicate the top of the print. 

  • Each digital image must be entered via the upload system and the image title entered in the field provided. Note that the file name is not important.

  • The same or similar image may not be entered in more than one media on the same competition night.

  • An image may only be entered twice in competition.

  • If an image receives an Honour or Merit it is excluded from any further monthly competitions irrespective of section or media but Honour and Merit awards do not preclude entry of any image in the annual exhibition.

  • Aggregate annual scores for prints and projected digital images are assessed by counting all monthly scores for the annual total.

  • Set Subjects: A judge may reject entries as "out of category".

Preparation of prints

Prints must be mounted. The following size limits apply:

  • The maximum allowable print size is A3, (42cm x 31cm).

  • The maximum allowable mount size is 52cm x 41cm (or 2132cm2 in area), nominally 20” x 16” when four pieces are cut from a sheet of 40” x 32” matt board.

  • Panoramic images complying with maximum area requirements are acceptable. (For example, two A4s end to end).

  • Each print must be labeled on the back, as noted in the Monthly Competition Rules above.

Digital Image Preparation and Upload

For administrative reasons PDIs must be uploaded for print competitions.

Click here to enter your competition images.
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Click here for image sizing instructions for PDI.

Banner image © Ross Pollock. “Rainbow Over the Granites.”

© Paul O'Leary “Radio City”

© Paul O'Leary “Radio City”


Independent volunteer judges are invited to each competition. They are drawn from a panel of trained judges managed by the South Australian Photographic Federation (SAPF). As well as scoring the photos the judges offer subjective as well as objective opinions and provide constructive criticism of the works presented. In our competitions judges are not given the image titles. 

The question is sometimes asked, "what does the judge like?" Perhaps the question should be turned around to be, "what qualities should the photo have that I am putting forward for judging?" This article has some relevant information on the qualities that need to be present in a well crafted photo.