Sizing images for projection

Projected digital images (PDI) entered into ESCC competitions must comply with the following criteria.  NOTE: any border treatment must be added to the images before sizing.

JPEG image format
sRGB colour space

Pixel size not to exceed 1920 wide nor 1200 high
File size not to exceed 2 Mb

Images can be prepared with these specifications in either Photoshop or Lightroom as described below.

One And All © Paul O'Leary

Photoshop CS5

Open the image file in PS5 then go File>Save for Web & Devices. (In Photoshop CC the path is File>Export>Save for Web (Legacy).) In the popup window click the 2-Up tab. That will give you two views of the image.

The left or top view will be labelled "Original" followed by the file information. The right or bottom view will be labelled "JPEG" (or it soon will be).

Right click on either image and select "Fit in view". Make sure the image that is labelled JPEG is active (blue line highlight). Now look at the righthand panel. In the "Preset" box ...
Note 1: If you can't see the Preset box you have the wrong image view highlighted. 
Note 2: In CC if you can't see the JPEG, Quality, Progressive and Embed Colour Profile controls highlight the right or bottom image to get the blue line highlight.

Save for web dialogue showing recommended settings (Photoshop cc version)

Save for web dialogue showing recommended settings (Photoshop cc version)

Select JPEG (now the name in the second view will be "JPEG")
Select Quality = 100%
Select Progressive
Select Embed Colour Profile
Select Convert to sRGB

In the "Image Size" box make sure the link between the W and H boxes is active (chain icon visible).

For horizontal format images: Enter 1920 px in the "W" box. The "H" box will take care of itself but check that it is not > 1200

For vertical format images or if the ratio of width to height is less than 4:3: Enter 1200 px in the "H" box. The "W" box will take care of itself.

Check file size by looking at the number under the image view labelled JPEG. If the number is >2,000 KB move the quality slider to a lesser % until the size is <2,000 KB. (Note: If it is very near 1,000 reduce it further. Sometimes what it says and what it does are different)! Similarly if the initial size is small, for example 750K, move the Quality slider to increase the size nearer to 2000k.

Click "Save"

The "Save Optimised As" popup box will appear. Select the folder where you want to save the sized image.

Click Save and you're done!


If you have an export Preset it couldn't be easier

Just do the following
Note that you don't have to size the images one by one. Select all the images you want to size then go to File>Export.  In the dialogue box select your ESCC PDI preset. Update the information in the "Export Location" panel. In a few moments all the images will be resized and placed in the nominated subfolder. Easy!

But first you will have to make the preset.

How to set up a Lightroom export Preset

Select an image in the Lightroom Library module. Then go File>Export. A dialogue box will open. Complete the details as shown in the screen shot below. (Mac version).

file export dialogue (mac version)

file export dialogue (mac version)

  • You will need to select your own  "Export Location", so in the "Export To:" drop down menu select "Specific Folder" and click "Choose" to navigate to the location where you want to put your images.
  • If you check the "Put in Subfolder:" you can name a folder into which all the images of a particular competition will be placed. (Use a unique name for every export). If you use a file naming convention like: "160202 ESCC" the subfolders will organise themselves in date order and the text will tell you what it contains.
  • If you check "Add to This Catalogue" Lightroom will make a record for the export so you can look at the images you have used in past competitions.
  • "File Settings" are as shown to comply with current club rules.
  • "Image Sizing".   Check the "Resize To Fit" box and select "Width & Height" from the drop down menu. Enter 1920 and 1200 pixels. (Note that unlike the Photoshop routine, regardless of the image proportions, these settings will always produce an image complying with size requirements).
  • "Metadata".  You might want to make a selection to suit your needs.
  • "Post-Processing". The selection of "Show in Finder (Mac) / Explorer (PC)" is a useful confirmation that the process has completed properly.

From now on you will only need to edit the "Export Location" panel, so collapse all the others as shown in the  screen shot below.

How the finished Preset should look when it is ready for saving

How the finished Preset should look when it is ready for saving

Now save this as a Preset
Go to the bottom of the Preset panel on the left side of the dialogue box. Click "Add".

A "New Preset" window will open. Give the Preset a name like "ESCC projected". Choose the "User Presets" folder and click "Create". 

Name and Save Preset

Name and Save Preset

Congratulations! You have created a preset that you can use to size your images accurately with just a few clicks every time.