ESSC Set Subject Definitions 2015

PDI Set Topics:   (May be colour or mono.)

1          Lit From Behind
Definition: An image where the main light source is coming from behind the main subject.

2          Found Stuff
Definition: An image that depicts a discarded object or objects (or an everyday item left ‘lying’ around) and presents it or them in an eye-catching manner.

3          Dare To Experiment
Definition: An image that is experimental and creative.

4          Street Stories
Definition: An image that depicts the street environment; human activity may be included in that environment.

5          A Story In Three Parts: Triptych
Definition: A set of three linked images presented together, which tell one story.

6          Bird’s Eye View
An image taken from above, looking down on the subject.

Colour Print Set Topic

7          The Power Of Colour
Definition: An image that demonstrates an effective approach in the use of colour or colour combinations.

Mono Print Set Topic:

8          A South Australian Structure
Definition: An image that depicts the whole or part of any SA building, structure or constructed feature.