On Tuesday March 3rd, some 16 or more members fronted up to photograph the Fringe – or at least we met at the entrance to the Garden of Unearthly Delights, which is after all the public heart of Fringe activities. Even at 6.30pm, it was crowded, and already humming with the sort of energy that festivals like this tend to emit. 
We were soon met by the charming Candice, Fringe PR manager (thanks Ross), whose job it was to facilitate our photographic activities at the venue. She had alerted people to our presence and our intended activities  – after all, you wouldn’t want to mess with those security guys!
For the next two hours we wandered around the site, encountering the wonderful smells, sights and tastes that can be found in the Garden, and being delighted by its inhabitants and the performers.
From a photographic point of view, it was a challenging assignment; there was a relatively small window of opportunity where both good light and significant activity coincided. However, the challenge is what we thrive on, and learn from.
I found it to be a most enjoyable activity, one which gave Club members the opportunity to mingle in a pleasantly relaxed environment, giving each other support as well as pinching each-others’ ideas. A number of us finished the night at the Moroccan fast-food outlet, indulging in a targine.
I think this activity could well be repeated in future and we could look at extending our interests into other aspects of The Fringe and Adelaide’s Mad March activities. Any ideas?

Bill Versteegh
Program Coordinator

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Through the lens of Don Brooks

Through the lens of Gina Stewart

Through the lens of Paul O'Leary

Through the lens of Robert Dettman

Through the lens of Ross Pollock

Through the lens of Aldo Trissi

Through the lens of Andrea Brooks

Through the lens of Bill Versteegh