Hardy's Tintara Winery photo shoot in McLaren Vale 2017

What luck we experienced on a very wet day where it rained all the way to McLaren Vale, then the sun came out weakly to give all attendees excellent lighting for portraits.

We ran though the basics of natural light photography before seeking interesting backdrops for our three provided models, Kim, Kaylee and David.

The old Hardy site has a beautiful setting with various buildings and gardens, where verandas, old brickwork and doorways provide a wide variety of possibilities for our lenses to explore.

Kim, the original “lens tart” came back for a welcome return to modeling, away from her usual doggy daycare business, and we met Kaylee, a young lady who was accompanied by her mum and dad, and surprised us with her mature approach to posing for photos.

David Rowlands completed the trio, with a special skill for scowling or looking serious, as a foil for the smiling girls.

The morning flew, and we broke for a late barbeque lunch, cooked on the premises and enjoyed with shared salads, and finishing with the delicious slice made by Marie Jackson, and coffee over the road at Oscars.

It was just as well we had finished, as within half an hour it was pouring with rain again as we made our way home.