Annual award night running sheet

1.  Welcome all to the 201X XXrd Annual

2.  Welcome all and thank the judges by name who are in attendance

3.  Introduce and invite the guest speaker to open the annual.

4.  Thank your guest speaker for his/her comments etc.

5.  Thank all the judges who judged throughout the year and the annual.

6.  Thank all the Annual Trophy donors (info from Don Brooks)

7.  Give details / stats on the annual regarding the number of entries etc. (Info from the competition results coordinator)

8.  Advise the audience of the program

First half of the Electronic Images

  • Open
  • People
  • Nature

There will a short break before we show the second half of the Electronic Images

  • PTA
  • Creative
  • Club Activities

9.  Ask the guest speaker to present the Annual Trophies to the wining members.

10. Ask the guest speaker to draw the raffle

11.  Thank the guest speaker again and present him with the bottle of wine.

12. Close the meeting and ask all to join you for supper.