Rules for ESCC EPC competitions


This competition will be run in the first Tuesday of May. There will be only one grade. 

The number of images and prints will be:
25 Electronic Images
15 Mono Prints 
15 Colour Prints 

There will be a maximum of four (4) entries per author in each section.

The non hosting club shall send the host club a list of entries (Image Name and Authors Name) at least 2 weeks before the competition night to allow time for the Host Club to finalize the Judging sheets ready for the night. Refer to <Procedure #4 score sheet ESCC EPS.xls>

The hosting club shall arrange to have the computer system ready to accept the electronic images from the visiting club on the night inline with the scoring sheets sequence.

The visiting club shall have their electronic images (on a USB memory stick) and prints at the host club 30 minutes before the meeting start time.

The host club shall make arrangements for a judge. 

The host club shall provide two (2) sets of judging sheets ready for judging. 

Each club shall appoint a scorer. The scorers will record the score given for each image and record progressive totals. This will eliminate lengthy delays after judging.

The competition will be run without image titles.

The selection of a top image in each category is optional. This is to be reviewed by both clubs and a rule set. It is ESCC committee option the Competition to be at the club level therefore the top image is not necessary. 

At the end of the meeting all prints are to be collected by the respective clubs.

The host club shall not retain the other clubs images on their computes hard drive or any other electronic storage device.