SAPF Information

An email went out a short while ago in regard to SAPF organising a new initiative re Regional workshops and presentations. 

At the time I restricted the email to only our regional clubs but following the committee meeting last Monday, it was decided that this ‘idea’ should encompass all clubs.  It is hoped that a register of names can be compiled, of members who would be willing to make themselves available for conducting photographic workshops or presentations for any club wishing to tap into this resource.

It is intended for this be a volunteer undertaking with little or no payment from the clubs.  When greater distances need to be travelled, clubs can assist with accommodation, meals etc while SAPF would fund travel expenses.

Some thoughts to keep in mind if you intend to volunteer:

  • you must be passionate about photography
  • it would help greatly if you can speak well and convey      your message or instructions simply and clearly
  • please indicate if there is a particular area of      photography you are comfortable with and possess knowledge of
  • subjects for discussion would include the various      divisions of photography -  land and seascapes, portrait, nature, macro,      photojournalism etc as well as post production work, camera basics and      anything else you can think of that deals with photography and would be of      interest to club members
  • we need people prepared to travel long distances and      perhaps even spend a weekend in an area.  Funding would cover plane      flights if necessary.  If travel has no appeal perhaps you would be      prepared to only cover metropolitan clubs
  • do you have the time, keeping in mind any preparation      work needed before the event? 
  • a sense of humour and a desire to motivate and share      knowledge would also be of great help

It is envisaged that a club would study its programme for the year and decide at an early stage when and if they needed to tap into this resource of ‘expert speakers’.  I see the idea working very similar to that used when choosing judges - get in early with request leaving enough time to approach another person if necessary.

The SAPF Annual Exhibition is coming up on the 13th and 14th July..

The final stage of preparation involves Friday 12th July [setting up day].  We are fortunate to have access to the Masonic Hall in the morning at 10am.  We just need some helpers to lend a hand.

Initially only the ante-room will be available for the setting up of the print section.  At 1.30pm we can attack the larger room for projected image presentation and opening night.

If you can come along and help please contact either Peter Phillips - - or myself and you will be made most welcome.

Thank you and hope to hear from some of you soon.
If you can assist in any way Lydia will be happy to hear from you, or Peter at the address above.