SAPF Exhibition 2015

Business as Usual – Chris Woods adelaide camera club   - 2014

Business as Usual – Chris Woods adelaide camera club - 2014

The SAPF Annual Exhibition is now open for entries. Entry for both print and projected images is via the photocomp upload system, the same that we use, so you will be familiar with the process. The SAPF version will recognise your email address so you go straight in. The closing date is 3:00pm 29th March and it is a sudden death cut off with no possibility of late entries, so get in early.

Click HERE to go to the SAPF web page were you will find all the necessary information including a link to the rules and a link to the upload site.

Please note that we will be entering a club set and if an image of yours is selected you can't use that image in your personal entry, either print or digital. Within 10 days we will advise which images have been selected for the club set.