ESCC wins SAPF Annual Club Sets 2nd time in a row

ESCC results in the SAPF Annual Club Sets 2015 on Monday, 4 May 2015 were:

"Bald Eagle" by John Hodgson scored 12
"St Andrews Stairway" by Aldo Trissi scored 11
"Got My Eye on You" by Pam Barnett scored 10
"Granite Sunrise" by Ross Pollock scored 10
"Tranquility" by Robert Dettman scored 9
"Poppy" by Corliss Gustavson scored 9
"Giant Corkscrew Variation" by Bill Versteegh scored 9
"Alone" by Terry Gooley scored 8
"The Sculptor" by Jan Pudney scored 8
"The Red Lead" by Barbara Seidel scored 8

Congratulations to all concerned!  Click here to see the images.