MacPhun's Luminar 2018 is taking on Adobe Lightroom

Screen Shot 2017-11-02 at 4.10.36 pm.png

Many have expressed disappointment with Adobe's decision to make Lightroom CC 100% web based and to rebrand the existing version as Lightroom Classic CC. Those who are still using an old version of Lightroom that they purchased outright may be sympathetic to the objections. On the other hand, early adopters who eagerly upgrade to the latest versions of all their software now have a decision to make and the blog post below may help with that.

There are concerns that Adobe will eventually allow Lightroom Classic CC to wither on the vine but Adobe have said that they will continue to develop it. Also the fact that ACR, which is integral to Photoshop, and is essentially the same as Lightroom, suggests that the two will continue to be supported. 

But now, just to complicate things, MacPhun (soon to be named Skylum Software) are taking pre-orders for their Luminar 2018 photo editing software, a Lightroom lookalike with similar editing tools and some juicy extras that are not to be found in Lightroom. Click on this link to read about Australian Photography's take on it or Click here to go directly to MacPhun's website to get the full PR blurb.