AIPP in disarray. Board resigns.

While we have no relationship with the Australian Institute of Professional Photographers (AIPP) the news of their troubles is indicative of the changes sweeping through professional photography, changes that amateurs seem to be immune to or perhaps are benefiting from.

The ease with which digital cameras can capture technically excellent images can convince just about anybody that they are a photographer capable of presenting themselves as a professional. The effect upon the business of "true" professionals can be devastating and it appears that this tension is materialising in the current misfortunes of the AIPP.

The technical ease afforded by modern digital cameras has enabled people to avoid, for better or worse, the challenge of learning camera craft and the arcane processes of the dark room. The result is that many people are discovering the joy of photography and a percentage of those go on the take it to another level where they want to learn camera craft and develop the art of photography. Amateur camera clubs are the ideal place to facilitate this so it is perhaps unsurprising that many clubs are reporting booming membership.

These are the opinions of Robert Dettman, not necessarily endorsed by ESCC.