SAPF Clubs 2019 Exhibition Results

This year we placed second in the South Australian Photographic Federation Exhibition, down one spot from last year. The exhibition will be on show from May 21st to June 2nd in the West Torrens Hamra Centre Gallery, 1 Brooker Terrace, Hilton and The Myer Centre, Adelaide June 7th to 16th.

Here is the complete list of club results.

Place     Score   Club

1 206 Edwardstown PC
2 195 Eastern Suburbs CC
3 183 Barossa PC
4 176 Adelaide CC
5 174 Tea Tree Gully PC
6 167 Port Adelaide CC
7 165 South Coast CC
8 157 Whyalla PG
9 146 Para CC
10 143 Campbelltown CC
11 138 Limestone coast PC
12 128 Copper Coast PC

The scores for the indvidual enties were...

Score Entrant Title

18 Robert Dettman City of Arts and Sciences
16 Terry Gooley Old Dayak Woman
18 Corlis Gustavson Cloudy Day
20 John Hodgson First Light Wanaka
19 Renee Holmes Kings Lone Tree
25 Ross Holmes Jellyfish 2
19 Ross Pollock Doing It Hard
21 Barbara Seidel A Gannet Pair
19 David Smith Alpine Adventure
Aldo Trissi Gibbon Portrait