ESCC wins the Clubs Section of the SAPF Exhibition

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Twelve clubs entered the Club Sets competition with 10 images each.  The Club Sets were judged independently by three AIPP judges who gave every image a score out of 10. The exhibition will be on show from May 11 to 20 in the West Torrens Auditorium, 1 Brooker Terrace, Hilton and The Myer Centre, Adelaide May 25 to June 3.  Make sure you take the opportunity to visit and check out the work of your fellow photography enthusiasts!

The score sheet showing the results for all clubs that entered the SAPF Exhibition

Place     Score   Club
1st            242         Eastern Suburbs Camera Club
2nd           233         South Coast Camera Club
3rd            228         Adelaide Camera Club
4th            227         Edwardstown Photography Club
5th            226         Port Adelaide Camera Club
6th            221         Barossa Photography Club
7th            214         Whyalla Photography Group
8th            208         Blackwood Photographic Club
9th            206         Tea Tree Gully Photography Club
10th          201         Copper Coast Photography Club
10th          201         Marion Church of Christ Camera Club
12th         190          Campbelltown Camera Club

Individual scores awarded to images entered by ESCC Club members in the Exhibition

Member                 Title                           Score
Ruth Benson                 I Fish                                   29
John Hodgson               Opera House Steps         28
Ross Holmes                 Water Folds                      25
Robert Dettman           Berber People                   25
Renee Holmes              Second Valley Wall          23
Jan Pudney                    In the Foyer                       23
Gina Stewart                Elderly Calm                      23
Aldo Trissi                     Second Valley                    23
Peter Burke                   Duck                                   22
Barbara Seidel             Textured Slot                     21

MacPhun's Luminar 2018 is taking on Adobe Lightroom

Lightroom CC is now 100% web based. The existing web based version has been rebrand as Lightroom Classic. Those who have an old version of Lightroom that they purchased outright can continue with it as long as it is supported. Now, just to complicate things, MacPhun are taking pre-orders for their Luminar 2018 photo editing software, a Lightroom look-alike with similar editing tools and some juicy extras that are not to be found in Lightroom.

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Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic

A couple of weeks ago Adobe came out with an announcement that set the photographic community alight. For those using a purchased copy of Lightroom that lives on your hard drive this may not be of immediate interest but if you have a CC subscription and you want to know what all the fuss is about then click this link to Mark Galer's website might help. Mark is an Adobe Influencer so he should be well informed about the changes.

Public Exhibition at Burnside Town Hall

The Atrium Space at Burnside Council Civic Centre has been booked for February 2018 where we will present a public exhibition of ESCC photography. The exhibition will showcase our best work and hopefully attract new members to the club. This is an exciting new venture for Eastern Suburbs and all members are invited to contribute their work to help make it a success.

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Recipes from Gina

If we can't take photos, bake some biscuits or a cake!

125 g butter                                                 1 cup flour
1T golden syrup                                          1 cup rolled oats (quick oats give light texture)
1tsp baking soda                                        1 cup coconut
2T boiling water                                          1 cup sugar (scant)

Melt butter and syrup. Add soda with water. Combine dry ingredients and add.
Melt butter and syrup. Add soda with water. Combine dry ingredients and add.
Bake teaspoonsful onto cold greased trays at 150-160*C for 20 mins.

3/4 cup butter                                              4T boiling water
1 cup sugar                                                  2 large Granny Smith apples, peeled and chopped
2 eggs                                                           1tsp vanilla essence
1 3/4 cups SR flour                                         

Cook apples in microwave with water.
Pour over butter. Add other ingredients while hot.
Place in cake tin, finely slice a third apple on the top. Bake 200*C for 40-45 mins.

Nikon and Canon to end camera development

In a rare joint statement, industry giants Canon and Nikon have announced that both companies will cease all camera development, effective immediately. At a hastily arranged press conference both Nikon and Canon stressed that they are not getting out of the camera business per se, but rather will continue with their existing product lines for the foreseeable future “and quite possibly forever.”  Click here to see the full announcement.